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The idea was soon developed internationally into a unique recipe of refined Fast food.

NAI S.A.L Holding currently owns and operates Zain Chicken by Owners: Mr. Mohammad AL Saied & Mr. Ibrahim AL Bawab

Zain chicken was established 1976 in Syria, by Mohammad Al Saied having an experience Of 15 years in the chicken industry, The idea was soon developed internationally into a unique recipe of refined Fast food.

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Dr. Food Safety Program

Zain Chicken follow a special program of food safety
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Hot Wings from Zain Chicken
10,000 LB
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Zain offers many career opportunities, For more information e-mail us to info@zainchicken.com

Because you deserve better! We proudly guarantee to deliver our meals hot to your home, and our delivery team is provided with all required stuff.

We use 100% pure vegetable oil. The oil is a unique blend of vegetable oils that is prepared specifically for Zain. We follow a scientific process of monitoring our oil quality during usage to conform to world health standards and legislations as well as to local municipality and health standards.

Our chicken is from high-quality sources that implement the highest level of health and hygiene standards. The chicken is certified safe and goes through periodic quality checkups.

Chicken is produced in several weights at the farm. AlZain’s strict quality control requires producers to provide us with one specific weight so as to ensure that each chicken piece is cooked to perfection and with high consistency.

We have very strict regulations on this matter and all our products that have not been slaughtered based on the Islamic slaughtering [Halal] process. The chicken we serve is from leading producers of chilled and frozen foods that maintain slaughterhouses specifically for the production of Halal products.

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Zain Chicken


At ZAIN, our team members are our most valued asset. We are committed to building a corporate culture of teamwork and respect, to promoting from within and providing each individual team member with all the support and opportunities to develop and grow personally and professionally to achieve their fullest potential

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Zain Chicken provides support in different ways through our Service center in Beirut, our field-based team and via technology. Our team is there to support the growth of the brand!

Your Zain Chicken Support Team will assist you in defining the best way to launch our brand in your market. Together, we will complete a comprehensive Brand Positioning Study that will act as a guide for making decisions regarding facilities, menu, marketing and more. In addition, once we know the menu for your market, we’ll help build your market-specific supply chain. We know that paying attention to restaurant profits is critical to Zain Chicken long-term success.

Zain Chicken will support you in determining the optimum Market Development Plan. How many restaurants and where? What type of venues? These are questions that are vital to successfully building the brand and achieving the economies of scale necessary to realize your profit goals.

As you would expect, Zain Chicken has strict procedures and operating standards. Your management team (including at least 3 managers per restaurant) will be trained through the Zain Chicken Management Certification program.

Every international franchisee has a primary support person called the Market Leader, This highly experienced and trained person will support you in all your business needs.

Additionally, at the Beirut Service Center, there is a dedicated team to support our brand system in areas including Development Services, Marketing and Advertising, Supply Chain, Operations and Training.

Zain Chicken support Team ,

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